In 1912, William Baldridge opened a hardware and buggy shop in Parma. 

In the last decade, an estimated 5 million dollars worth of business infrastructure improvements have been built within the Impact Area of Greater Parma.

That original company’s heritage continues to this day in the name of Parma Company and Agri-lines. The legacy of Parma’s early businessmen is alive and well in the twenty-first century.

From state-of-the-art onion storage to new and remodeled agriculture equipment production facilities, a new pharmacy and dental offices, Parma is where growth is occurring. If you are looking for the small town feel, with acreage lots available, with low student to teacher ratios, lower cost of real estate but within good striking distance of all of the best southwest Idaho has to offer, Parma is a good choice.

Its distinctive placement at the junction of two rivers, the Union Pacific main line, US Highway 95, and 15 minutes from Interstate 84 render it ideal for growers, shippers, manufacturers, commuters, and travelers.

Nearby rivers and public lands provide excellent opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Parma residents can enjoy fishing, hunting, boating, camping, hiking and ATV and snowmobile riding within a short distance from the city. There are at least five sportsmen’s access locations to the Boise and Snake Rivers within five miles of the city.

About Town – Christmas 2018


     As I look back on the last five years, I realize that much has been accomplished in our fair community.  I cannot take credit for much of anything, because work is not done in isolation nor is it done by just one individual.  The successes come only because of the dedicated effort of the City Council, the efforts of the many different departments of the city, as well as the support and encouragement of the citizens – those wonderful people who call Parma home.  More detail about the successes will be given during my State of the City Address on February 5 at the Lion’s Club meeting.

     First, I wish for all who call Parma their home, a safe and happy Christmas.  The holidays often can be very busy and stressful, however if we can focus our energy on our families, friends, and our neighbors, we will be mindful of the importance of people in our lives.  In the end, it is people and not things that are really important.  Please take some time before Christmas and knock on the doors of your neighbors and wish them the best of the holiday season.  A plate of cookies may allow a smile to come to the face of an elderly person or a shut in who lives in your neighborhood.

     Second, next year, 2019, will be better if we all choose to make it so.  Joining together to accomplish a goal makes us a stronger community and more connected.  I wish for community action groups, advocacy groups, faith groups, and service organizations to come together for the common good of our community and if need be, to roll up our sleeves to get a needed job done.  As I am reminded, many hands make the job get done more quickly.

     I struggle with keeping New Year’s resolutions.  It is easier for me to make them than to keep them.  However, I am mindful of my responsibilities toward you, the citizens of Parma.  My resolutions for the community are as follows:  I want our lives to be better this year than last year.  I wish for tolerance over strife.  I would hope for people to have less need and more happiness.  I want our town to be supportive of focused and sustained change that allows for thoughtful growth.  I would wish for a community where people can voice concerns, where ears are made for listening and minds are used for thoughtful consideration.  I hope for a community that considers it more important to be US rather than ME or I.

          Third, I wish for everyone to pay their water and sewer bills on time and in full.  I wish for a healthy and happy populace.  I wish for families who have lost a loved one to find a sense of peace this season.  I wish for those who are in pain or ill to be blessed with restored health and vitality.

     And fourth, I pray for our service women and men who are stationed in distant lands and foreign bases to be safe with the knowledge that we will support them in every way possible.  I ask that you support them first in thought or prayer and then in any other manner you are able to – gift cards, phone cards, letters of support, gift boxes, or consider supporting the USO or other veteran groups.

     May the joy of the season be with you now and through-out the coming year.  May 2019 be brighter, happier, and healthier than last year.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Nathan Leigh, Mayor

P.O. Box 608
305 N. 3rd St
Parma, ID 83660
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